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After purchasing a ListenBooks membership, you can listen to thousands of audiobooks online.

Unfortunately. You have to buy the audiobook to download it. But you can listen to thousands of audiobooks for a month.
After buying the audiobook or buying a monthly membership, you can easily go to the audiobook page and listen to it.
This is a tricky question because audiobook titles vary in size. If you’re streaming an audiobook, we suggest having at least 150MB of bandwidth. If you’re downloading the audiobook to your iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s best to have at least 500MB of bandwidth free.
Not to worry! We’ll place your account on hold for you if a payment is missed. To reactivate your account, contact our customer service team.
Some relationships just aren’t meant to be, which is why there are absolutely no restrictions on when you can cancel your membership. Go to the My Account section of the website (the link is in the top right when you’re logged in) and cancel online with the click of a link.

ListenBooks supports the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari.

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